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A U.S. Air Force Veteran ready to listen to the people.

Christian | Husband | Father | American | Democrat


The Official Campaign Announcement of James L . Carr Jr.

James L. Carr Jr. is Running For the NC U.S. Senate Seat to Replace the Retiring Richard Burr.

  • 4 Governing Principles That I Will Advocate For :

  • Principle #1 – Protection of Civil Liberties

    • Government’s primary purpose is to protect our civil liberties.

    • Government cannot decide what is and is not moral.

    • We depend on our institutions, not our government, to assist us in using this awesome gift of liberty.

  • Principle #2 – Infrastructure Investments

    • Efficiently move goods, services, and information, to and from local markets.

    • Make housing more affordable.

    • Address our urban/rural divide.

    • Allow local businesses to compete in international markets.

  • Principle #3 – Transitional Educational System

    • Transition our kids into adulthood.

    • Tailor curriculum for all students entering the workforce, college, or the military.

    • Teachers, parents, and students work together to prepare for post-graduation.

    • Adult educational services to assist adults with changes in the work environment.

  • Principle #4 – Decoupling Benefits from Job Requirements

    • End job dependency in order to get benefits.

    • Encourage more entrepreneurship.

    • Encourage the seeking of better job opportunities.

    • Make our businesses more competitive in global markets.

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