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May 17th – It’s Time to Take a Stand

With James L Carr Jr., Candidate for the US Senate.

Both the Democratic & Republican parties claim to stand for democracy, but their candidate selection process is anything but. Time to stop allowing both parties to selectively champion candidates whose only job is to parrot a wish list of items for their respective parties or Trump!

James L. Carr Jr. has firsthand experience and is determined to fight this rot which is at the root of the division in our country. 

Still have questions as to why you should vote for James L.  Carr Jr. For US Senate?

Let’s close the deal. Hit him up on email at info@carrjr4senate.com or tag him @carrjr4senate on Twitter and #askcarrjr4senate through May 17th.

James L. Carr Jr. is ready to take a stand.  If you stand with him, we can end this rot and begin the process of addressing today’s issues while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities!


A U.S. Air Force Veteran ready to listen to the people.

Christian | Husband | Father | American | Democrat


The Official Campaign Announcement of James L . Carr Jr.

James L. Carr Jr. is Running For the NC U.S. Senate Seat to Replace the Retiring Richard Burr.

  • 4 Governing Principles That I Will Advocate For :

  • Principle #1 – Protection of Civil Liberties

    • Government’s primary purpose is to protect our civil liberties.

    • Government cannot decide what is and is not moral.

    • We depend on our institutions, not our government, to assist us in using this awesome gift of liberty.

  • Principle #2 – Infrastructure Investments

    • Efficiently move goods, services, and information, to and from local markets.

    • Make housing more affordable.

    • Address our urban/rural divide.

    • Allow local businesses to compete in international markets.

  • Principle #3 – Transitional Educational System

    • Transition our kids into adulthood.

    • Tailor curriculum for all students entering the workforce, college, or the military.

    • Teachers, parents, and students work together to prepare for post-graduation.

    • Adult educational services to assist adults with changes in the work environment.

  • Principle #4 – Decoupling Benefits from Job Requirements

    • End job dependency in order to get benefits.

    • Encourage more entrepreneurship.

    • Encourage the seeking of better job opportunities.

    • Make our businesses more competitive in global markets.

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