Individual Rights

  • individual Rights

    I will work to stop the use of attacks on our patriotism, character, morality, faith, intelligence, integrity, body, and the persons we love as a means of depriving those with whom we disagree of their individual rights.

  • Pursuit Of Happiness (Photo Of Friends)

    We will focus on policies that liberate individuals from the control of others so that everyone can enjoy the full benefits of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to every American.

  • The Constitution

    The United States were founded upon the principal that the individual rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come from our creator and that the purpose of government is to protect these rights. Therefore, our government should never be used to determine what rights a person should or should not have.


  • Education

    Education is the most important factor when it comes to liberty. We need a globally-competitive educational system that allows for upward mobility throughout our lives.

  • Welding (A vocational skill)

    For school-age scholars, this means assisting in the transition to adulthood regardless of whether they want to attend college. We should have a tiered approach that’s implemented when the scholar enters high school. For scholars who want to go to college, including community college, ensure that they are taking the necessary courses and that they understand their financing options. For scholars who want to go straight to the workforce, ensure that they start participating in work-study and apprenticeship-type programs.

  • Children Learning

    For scholars who want to go straight to the workforce, ensure that they start participating in work study and apprenticeship type programs. Of course, no child is locked into either of these tracks, as these are simply guides to ease the transition into adulthood. For adults this means programs that allow for worker retraining with the goal of gaining new forms of knowledge and skills for our ever-changing work landscape.

Health Care

  • Medicare For All

    The importance of Medicare for All is not simply because it will give those who are uninsured access to healthcare, but more importantly because we shouldn’t have to have a job in order to get good benefits. Decoupling the relationship between employment and benefits has the potential of releasing a great wave of entrepreneurship in our country.

  • Business Finance Report

    Healthcare is also a huge expense for most corporations. For global businesses, this means that when determining whether to hire a worker in America or hire a worker overseas, it’s much cheaper for the latter because American businesses have to foot the bill for benefits, whereas foreign companies do not. On top of that, small businesses find it difficult to compete with larger businesses for employee talent because of benefits.

  • A Child receiving a booster shot (CDC)

    Finally, for families, it can be difficult to transition to other opportunities because changes in benefits have to be taken into account. Therefore, I will work for the expansion of Medicare for all with the goal of allowing individuals to buy insurance at the same rates as those of employed ones.


  • NC Infrastructure

    Investing in our infrastructure is not simply about building roads and bridges. It’s really about how we efficiently move goods, services, and information to and from local, regional, and international markets.

  • supply chain

    As we saw with COVID, interruptions in our supply chain led to shortages in medicine, produce, and even car parts. In addition, a lot of the issues we’re facing today can be alleviated simply by investing in our infrastructure.

  • Housing construction

    One such example is how the cost of housing affects both our cities and rural areas. We’re having an issue with affordable housing mainly in our cities, but it has also impacted our rural areas due to a lack of investment in those spaces.

  • Building out our infrastructure, for example, with a combination of public rail and 5G, allows for those who love the city life for pleasure or work to be able to commute from rural areas (where housing can be affordable), while at the same time allowing our rural areas to see an increase in their tax base, along with an influx of capital for those who provide services.